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The Alarm System allows facility managers to ensure that their isolators/gloveboxes are maintaining proper airflow. Low airflow can result in animal heath problems as well as affecting the outcome of experiments and procedures.

The Alarm System consists of a programmable Central Panel. This panel can operate a wide variety of Alert Devices such as: audible alarms, lights, pagers, cell phones, phones and or interfaces with existing central facility systems. Each isolator or glovebox is fitted with a wireless transmitter that senses a drop in pressure inside the isolator/glovebox chamber/canopy which then relays a problem code to the Central Panel.

We offer Alarm Components for both Isolators and Gloveboxes. The isolator alarm system is adaptable to any manufacturer of isolators and /or glove boxes. We have products available to monitor individual units or whole areas.

Alarms for gloveboxes and isolators


  • The System can accommodate 1-64 individual isolator/gloveboxes which gives a facility manager an extremely useful and flexible tool

  • Each transmitter is fully independent which means individual isolators can be taken in/out of service without affecting the ability of the system to monitor the remaining units

  • The system is fully addressable which means the Central Panel can be located either within the room or at any other convenient location. In fact the system is capable of monitoring multiple locations and or rooms

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