Sound Chamber

The sound chamber allows researchers to perform various sound experiments on rodents while housing the animals in a HEPA filtered environment that minimizes ambient room noise.

The sound chamber is constructed of polypropylene on five sides. The front panel has a door with a viewing panel of double thickness polycarbonate with an air space sandwiched inbetwee. The chamber can be a variety of sizes in all dimensions. We will work with our customers to optimize the dimension to fit the particular needs of the institution. To learn more about all the components of the sound chamber ask for our complete product information.

Sound Chamber

sound chamber hepa filtered

Dual wall design allows a wide range of sound dampening panel to be used (drywall, gypsum board and acoustic tiles.

  • Air supply blower can be removed from the table and mounted remotely to further dampen sound.
  • Positive or Negative Operation-blower fan can be easily reversed
  • High quality cartridge type HEPA filters on both intake and exhaust air systems are easy to change and provide top biosecurity
  • Durable impact resistant polypropylene construction which doesn't corrode from sterilants, and is easy to clean
  • The efficient design provides maximum utilization of space and allows use outside barrier and animal facility locations

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