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We develop products directly from client input to save them time with reduced maintenance, increased durability and custom made to fit the available floor space.

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About Park Bio

Frank Razzaboni founded Park Bio in 1997 after spending many years both buying and selling laboratory animal solutions. At the time there were limited options for animal isolators. They came in a limited number of sizes; configurations and the most popular solutions were manufactured with flexible PVC plastic which were easily punctured and not durable enough for many applications. The core issue with the market was the lack of client communication and input into the designs.

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Bedding Disposal, Compromise, Compromise:

Bedding Disposal, Compromise, Compromise:

We have all heard the statement, ‘life is full of compromises’. But does protecting staff from respirable dust have to be one of those compromises? All too often manufacturers do not put themselves in the end users shoes. In this brief blog we’ll take on one small but...

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